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At BCN3D, we are dedicated to helping the global community address the COVID-19 epidemic. At the moment, we are working closely with healthcare providers, government organisations, and our network of professionals and volunteers to design, prototype, and produce parts which are being functionally tested and, once fully validated, adopted by a wide range of healthcare professionals. Our main goal is to help these professionals stay safe and comfortable, so that they count on the best conditions to focus on their invaluable work.

Would you like to request parts for your medical center? Are you a healthcare professional? Do you work at a hospital, health centre or nursing home? Do you need protection for you and your team so you can keep working on helping others in a safe and comfortable way? We are here for you!Fill in this form and let us know how many of our protective face shields -a design that has been functionally validated by healthcare professionals in several hospitals in Barcelona- you need and how urgently. We will do our best to meet your needs and send a shipment your way as soon as possible!

Offer: Plastic protection face shield

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